What is Design/Build?

The Design-Build Approach

Q: What makes Design-Build different? Why are so many building owners realizing Design-Build is the optimum method for approaching their construction project?

A: Design-Build is an integrated project delivery method where the design and construction services are provided under one contract with one company. It is commonly referred to as “one-stop” shopping. Design-Build is a process where the many different elements and tasks of a project are controlled by one entity which greatly enhances project coordination and communication. The timeline for a Design-Build project typically is shortened as tasks of the various phases of the project may overlap.

One Source. One Contact.

Q: What are the advantages of the Design-Build method as provided by Firenze Group?

A: The advantages include:
(1 ) A single contract for the owner with the Design-Builder,
(2) A single source of responsibility and accountability for the entire project,
(3) Simplified coordination and effective communications
(4) An integrated approach that provides the owner flexibility.

Solutions and Answers from Day One.

Q: Why has Firenze adopted the Design-Build project delivery method?

A: Firenze has adopted the Design-Building project delivery method because it affords us the greatest control over the project. This enables us to deliver the highest quality of services, including craftsmanship, all within the budget and are completed on time.

A Structured Process.

Q: How does the design, bid, build method of project delivery compare?

A: The traditional method of delivery or the Design-bid-build method is where an owner has a contract with the architect for the design and another contract with the builder or general contractor to construct the building. There are multiple entities that have responsibility over only limited areas of the project. This can dilute accountability and fracture communications, leading to disputes and change orders. Further, the full design must be developed before construction costs are known which extends the timeline of the overall project.