Firenze Group provides the comprehensive design and construction services that are the basis for a productive and cost effective approach to project delivery. For the typical project we provide:

Architecture: The functional planning, aesthetic concepts, construction detailing and the coordination with all other elements of the project.

Engineering: The specialized structural, heating/air conditioning, plumbing and electrical design.

Property Survey: A basic physical survey of your property usually needed for building permit approval of additions.

Construction: The trade work done by our crew and specialty subcontractors.

Project Management: The overall process that holds the project together and moves it forward. This includes coordinating with and keeping the client
informed, obtaining the necessary permits, estimating and pricing the costs and scheduling of the work.

As required for individual projects we will provide:

Interior Design: Personalized finish materials, color and furniture selection.

Feasibility Review: An initial study of your goals, any site constraints, the possible design solutions and conceptual costs.

Property Survey: A thorough physical legal survey and the site engineering needed when the project requires special zoning approval.

Services to Obtain Zoning Approval: Presentation plans and narrative, attendance at meetings and coordination with an attorney as needed