Our Proccess

Firenze offers a two-part project delivery method: Preliminary Design & Pre-Construction and Final Design and Construction.

Initially an Architect will meet with you to discuss your goals, budget and schedule. This is a complementary meeting. From this initial meeting we will provide a written proposal to you describing the project, our services and costs.

Preliminary Design & Pre-Construction

  • Property Survey – We will survey your property to create the base drawings from which we begin design and to identify the site and zoning issues.
  • Preliminary Design – We will create the overall design to incorporate your functional and aesthetic goals. Conceptual design drawings will be presented and reviewed with you. In this phase you will have a good visual understanding of the nature of the built (final) project.
  • Pre-Construction – This is the important link in the design and construction process. This is when the preliminary budget and schedule are prepared. This allows the owner the flexibility to make desired changes.

Final Design and Construction

  • Construction Documents – After you approve the conceptual design we prepare the documents (drawings and specifications) to construct the project. This is the time to make the final decisions regarding the materials, details and finishes that complete the design.
  • Pricing – When the total scope of work is defined we will submit to you a final quote before building the project.
  • Construction – The work begins. We will meet to start the construction and also meet throughout the course of project. Nearing the end of the work a punch list will be developed, reviewed and revised.
  • Close-out – Upon completion of the construction we will provide any revised construction drawings, documents for any equipment purchased and a warranty for the project.